Our background lets us state that are more important a great experience and skill,  than the equipments.

Speaking about advanced technologies, we could remind hundreds history cases in which we were leader in concept or in manufacturing plastic and composite articles, that sometime changed completely the way to realize the final item.

For instance Ranger Italiana in the eighties was the first company in the world that planned and produced the five star bases of the office chairs in plastics as well as in the nineties RI realized flat underbody shields for Ferrari cars or at the beginning of the year two thousand a large tile in composite material for fixing photovoltaic panels.

This Know-how is at our customer disposal in order to create lasting and fair collaborations within the limits of sustainable development.

Advanced Technology in Plastic materials, Composites and Molds


Ranger Italiana has been one of the first European company to introduce the Co-Design concept, mainly in the automotive field where this activity was particularly required.

At this moment this task is developed by Model Kivo®.

Development and innovation

The development of innovative applications using the correct properties of plastic material has been always the main mission of Ranger Italiana. That was achieved through the most updated available softwares on the market.

Mold building

Ranger Italiana was first a moldmaker and in his 40 years of activity in this field, builds thousands of molds. Some of them are well-known, as the first large hatchback in SMC technology as well as the first monoblock chair in plastic and the biggest item in acetylic resin.

Composite Solutions

For the time being Ranger Italiana performs in SMC articles production by “R-Compositi” company.

The next step is the development of new SMC formulations using bio-resin.  Just to achieve this aim Ranger Italiana sets up a new division , called “Bioauto”.

Engineering Process

Ranger Italiana intends to support his customers everywhere in the world in realizing factories for items in composite materials, that is SMC, BMC or RTM.