Ranger Italiana builds some of the most important molds that made the history of plastics and of the composite materials.

Nowadays to speed up the molds building, Ranger Italiana adopts another concept : Mold design and Mold assembling are made at his own technicians, while the machining and polishing activities have supplied  by external workshops, selected and managed by Ranger mold experts. This is the new concept of “speed-tool” used by Ranger Italiana, in order to reduce the mold lead time and costs.


In 1973 the first SMC molded pieces in Europe was realized with a compression machine of  Ranger Italiana. The SMC material was imported from America, wrap up in a chemical ice.

Ranger Italiana has always proposed to his customers the most innovative solutions for SMC applications in sportive cars and in industrial vehicles.

Now Ranger is involved in developing the SMC technology in the construction industry field.


Ranger Italiana began the molding of the above mentioned materials from the end of the nineties years, transferring then his know-how to his associated firm Ranger Plast, now IMR.

Meanwhile The company is developing superior technologies as LWRT with PET matrix and carbon filled LFT.


It’s here that Ranger Italiana has always stood out itself in several fields as innovative molds, integrated prototype solutions, molded pieces with hybrid configurations or with experimental formulations.

The background of Ranger Italiana in “multi range technologies” drives it in proposing always the best technical choice to the customers, that is the best ratio between investments and piece price.

Ranger team is able to take in charge already existing projects and molds to optimize the production or to convert the type of technology.

With the innovative concept of “speed-tool”, it’s possible to realize also complicate molds in few weeks, in any type of material (steel, aluminum, resin, etc.)